How the Democrats Win Big in 2024, Part 2

Since the first installment (2 Jan 2024), Governor Chris Christie has abandoned his attempt to secure the Republican nomination.  I had thought he would continue the campaign, since he is a favorite of the mainstream media.  That exit leaves Governor Nikki Haley and Governor Ron DeSantis as the main rivals to Mr. Trump, followed by Mr. Ramaswamy and Governor Hutchinson. 

In this second installment, the issue of illegal immigration is considered.

2          Illegal Immigration

Between Jan 2021 and Nov 2024, the Biden administration will have allowed about 17,000,000 illegal immigrants to enter the U. S.  They are in three categories: a) 12,000,000 known immigrants making an illegal/absurd claim of asylum; b) 2,500,000 will have entered as “known got-aways”, i.e., people the Border Patrol discovered but were unable to apprehend; and c) an additional estimated 2,500,000 “unknown got-aways” i.e., those who evaded detection by the Border Patrol altogether. Most of these illegal aliens are from Central America, but there are some from most nations.  It is well known that the Biden administration has secretly engaged in human trafficking by transporting these illegal aliens to States outside the border States of California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas.  It is no secret that nearly all of these illegal immigrants represent a drain on the resources of the various places they go to: free housing, free health care, free education, etc. It is no secret that even the few that work do not pay taxes.  The general public is not happy about any of this.  But, the Democratic Party does not care; its objective is to create tens of millions of new Democratic voters (as citizens or not, doesn’t matter).  The mayors of the Democrat “sanctuary cities” are now complaining; not because the illegal aliens are flooding the nation, but because the federal government has not paid those cities to house, educate, and feed the illegal aliens.

It is no secret that the long-term goal of this policy is to create new Democrat voters out of thin air by eventually declaring universal amnesty and granting them citizenship.  It is also possible that this policy was implemented deliberately to provide a strategic advantage to some foreign nation (since President Biden took money from many of them).  One thing is certain: this policy of letting millions of people into America based on a false claim of “asylum” is willful and deliberate.  It is possible that the Biden administration will slow the flow of immigrants in the few months leading up to the election in order to fool the American voter into believing that the policy will be different if Biden is re-elected.  Don’t be fooled: this policy of illegal immigration is part and parcel of the Democrats Party’s grand strategy to gain and hold absolute power permanently.

The Democratic Party’s official positions on illegal immigration during the election season are simple: a) “we’re a nation of immigrants”; b) immigration is necessary because the economy is so good that Americans can’t fill all the open jobs; c) immigration is necessary because the evil sinister white people destroyed the environments of the immigrants’ home countries; and d) Republicans are racist.  These claims will be supplemented by pictures of the most destitute people in the Central American countries: small children starving with no shoes, old men begging on the streets, etc. The captions to those pictures will be: “We owe these poor defenseless men, women, and children an opportunity; that’s who we are as Americans”.  The Democrats are likely to use pictures of the Germans during World War II loading Jews onto trains to the concentration camps, and then claiming “this is what the Republicans want to do to women and children simply looking for a better life”.  Anyone who talks about national sovereignty, or the rule of law, or the Constitution, or the proper procedures for legal immigration will be demonized as cold, heartless Ebenezer Scrooges devoted to the propagation of hunger, ignorance, and racism.  The Democrats will say it; the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and the social media empires will continuously chant it, and the federal bureaucracy will confirm it.  The people will believe it and vote accordingly … unless the Republicans find a backbone and figure out how to counter this Marxist propaganda.

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