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The Nature of ANTIFA

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The mainstream news may have you believe otherwise, but ANTIFA is nothing more than the usual subversive Marxist street army, similar in makeup and tactics used by street gangs employed by dictators throughout history.  In other words, its name is the exact opposite of what it actually is: it is in fact the fascist street army promoting a totalitarian governing philosophy on behalf of the Democratic Party.  ANTIFA has recently come to the forefront as sponsors of the “mostly” part of the “mostly peaceful protests” that occurred after the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Given the public antics of ANTIFA, it is not difficult to assess the characteristics of their leadership and followers:

  1. Mostly wealthy and upper-middle class white people, some of whom possess advanced degrees from Ivy League schools. Some of them are the sons and daughters of the ruling elite.
  2. Mostly financed by powerful global Foundations with the goal of applying pressure from below to convince the public that safety can be gained only by granting the elites more power.
  3. Mostly arrogant enough to embrace the ideology of tyranny; in other words, the belief they can create paradise on earth if only they had sufficient control.
  4. Mostly ignorant enough to believe that street violence can intimidate the general public into accepting a socialist political and economic system.
  5. Mostly homosexual.
  6. Mostly atheist.
  7. Mostly useful morons; easily brainwashed and easily led.
  8. Mostly chant their invectives in English since they cannot pronounce the original German.
  9. Mostly pansies that will run home crying to their Mommies as soon as someone stands up to them.

Currently ANTIFA is mostly tolerated by the Mayors and Governors of our largest states, because said so-called leaders are either on the same payroll as ANTIFA’s or too afraid to object. What we have here is a large number of wimps occupying positions of local leadership.  Unfortunately, we cannot count on those leaders when we need them.  It would be most helpful if these creampuff local leaders ordered the respective cupcake Chiefs of Police to track down the members of ANTIFA and make arrests, so that the fruitcake prosecutors could take them to court.  Don’t count on it.  In the end, as always, the people will either put up with this problem, or it will die out when the bad weather comes, or the people will deal with it directly.  My prediction is that the general public will tire of watching these mental midgets try to destroy our culture and institutions.  They will put some pressure on the creampuff local leaders who will pretend to take some action (maybe even a harrrrumph or two in a finely worded speech).  But most likely someone (not within the government) will find out how to identify the ANTIFA members.  Once the ANTIFA nitwits are publicly exposed, the movement will collapse as the members scamper like rats back to their Trust Fund estates.


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