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How “Black Lives Matter” Will Fail

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The peaceful riots that began in Minneapolis with the death of George Floyd have spread across the nation in the 35 days since, having begun as peaceful protests by “Black Lives Matter” (BLM) against alleged institutional racism in the Minneapolis Police Department.  They have now evolved into full-fledged destruction of property and an attempt to erase American culture.  The violence was partly the result of opportunists seeking to take a five-finger discount at retail stores, but more importantly, the subversive activities of the street army known as ANTIFA.  ANTIFA is a separate problem; they capitalized on the George Floyd incident as an excuse to make trouble.  Black Lives Matter has problems of its own that will ultimately cause it to fail as a movement.

The real problem with police misconduct is that it is often covered up and papered over. There are some cases, such as the one involving Michael Brown (Ferguson, MO) or Fred Gray (Baltimore, MD) that do require some investigation before an evaluation of misconduct can occur.  But in the case of George Floyd (Minneapolis, MN), nearly the entire engagement was caught on video.   Any non-government employee caught on video doing the same thing to Mr. Floyd would have been arrested for murder within the hour.  But, given that it was committed by a government employee in uniform, the natural inclination of the “oversight” board and “internal affairs” would be to cover it up and make excuses as necessary to justify the conduct of the police.  The real problem is not that misconduct is widespread or racial; the problem is that misconduct is excused and covered up when it does happen.  A similar incident was caught on video in the case of Eric Garner (New York, NY), and although a prohibited hold was utilized by the officer which at minimum contributed to Mr. Garner’s demise, the officer received the usual raise and promotion.

“Black Lives Matter” is a Marxist activist group that uses police incidents as a means to gain attention, donations, and political power, which they use to intimidate politicians and (they hope) the general population. Given that true misconduct is rare, the incident concerning George Floyd in Minneapolis on 25 May 2020 gave BLM their best opportunity in years.

BLM has developed an extensive propaganda system. It is based on the false narrative that every police department consists of 100% white racist cops who spend their entire shift shooting and lynching black people.  The true fact is that between 10 and 20 unarmed black people are killed by police every year; BLM conveniently ignores the other fact that between 4000 and 5000 black people are killed by other black people (mostly in battles over which gang gets to sell crack on what street corners).

BLM claims to desire radical changes in how police departments are operated, but history shows that if any of their recommendations are adopted, the big losers will be black people, not the wealthy activists. The goal for the leaders of BLM is the acquisition of power over society in general, in order to dictate the rules for a new societal order.  The new social order will consist of guilt by association based on race and economic status.

The BLM movement contains the seed of its own destruction. It is already evident that not a single leader of BLM cares about real black people.  The leadership of BLM never explains how a police department staffed by 60% black officers is racist against blacks.  If BLM actually cared about the lives of black people, or their prosperity, or equality, they would start asking some very hard questions of the people (Democrats) who have been running America’s largest cities for 50 years.  Here are some sample questions BLM could ask, but never will:

  1. Why are the public schools so bad in minority neighborhoods?
  2. Why is the local economy in minority neighborhoods so bad that young black men see drug dealing as the path to prosperity?
  3. Why are the occasional incidents of police misconduct so regularly excused and covered up?
  4. Why is it that in minority neighborhoods, the streets are dirty, the potholes aren’t filled, the streetlights aren’t timed correctly, and the city workers can’t get the grass cut on the city-owned property?
  5. Why are local government policies designed specifically to weaken the black family, one of the two institutions (along with Christianity) that preserved black people during the two previous Democratic Party attacks (slavery and Jim Crow)?

The reason BLM will never ask these questions is because they already know the answer: the goal of the Democratic Party, even when local offices are held by black Democrats, is to suppress black people. The fact that BLM cares nothing about actual black people will become obvious sooner or later, when the public finds out that the money donated to BLM is turned over to PACs to run political ads on behalf of Democratic candidates at all levels.  The goal once again, is to acquire political power and ultimately (if successful) to impose Marxism on America.  I am reasonably confident that the general public will tire of being called racists and reject BLM’s basic claim that all whites, Asians, Jews, and Hispanics are racist.   Mostly likely most black Americans will reject the BLM-inspired changes that will cause their quality of life to decline.

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