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Toward a Progressive America: IRS Reform

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We have all heard by now of the infamous Internal Revenue Service Inspector General’s (IG) report, in which the IRS routinely targeted Christians, TEA Party organizations, and non-progressives in general. The cause of the targeting was allegedly to prevent or delay tax-exempt status to those opposed to the current progressive regime, and to harass contributors to those organizations through IRS audits.  It appeared at first that it may have been limited to “one or two rogue agents in Cincinnati”, but to our relief it has recently become apparent that this progressive policy was enacted throughout the IRS.  But the media attention has gotten so bad that some people are actually making derogatory comments about the IRS.  This is not a good situation.  It is very important in a progressive society that the regulatory employees of government institutions be perceived as trusted servants of the people.  After all, if the people can’t trust an organization with absolute arbitrary power like the IRS, who can they trust?  As one of the most successful progressives of the 20th century said [1, 2]:

All our cadres, whatever their rank, are servants of the people, and whatever we do is to serve the people.  How then can we be reluctant to discard any of our bad traits?

Our duty is to hold ourselves responsible to the people.  Every word, every act, and every policy must conform to the people’s interests, and if mistakes occur, they must be corrected — that is what being responsible to the people means.

The blind unwavering trust in government, so necessary in progressive societies, has been compromised by these recent rumors of misconduct within the IRS.  We must hold the IRS responsible in a progressive way.  It is evident that the IG (Mr. J. Russell George) has failed in his duty to uphold the prestige of the IRS, whose primary goal is to promote freedom among the American people.  If we are going to have a progressive society, this is the thing that must be corrected.  I believe a small organizational change will suffice.

The core of the problem is that the IRS is a very large organization.  It is simply not possible even for senior managers and leaders to know about and control all the activities that may be the subject of a complaint by reactionary taxpayers.  When these problems do occur, or when the exceedingly rare mistake is actually made, they should be handled privately outside the hearing of non-progressive reactionaries and their media accomplices.  It should be a simple matter for the IRS to simply abolish the Office of Inspector General; but the least that should be done is to centralize the handling of all complaints in a single department capable of coordinating a unified defensive response among the various divisions of the IRS.  Its main function would be to give the people confidence that the IRS is performing its duties with the utmost integrity.  It is the most efficient way consistent with progressive principles to correct “mistakes” and be “responsible to the people”.  Another benefit is that the FBI will not have to be inconvenienced by “investigating” the alleged abuses of power in the IRS.  After all, there will be no need for investigations once the IRS has taken the above steps to eradicate all of its “bad traits”.

[1]        Mao Tse-Tung, “The Tasks for 1945”, 15 Dec 1944

[2]        Mao Tse-Tung, “The Situation and Our Policy After the Victory in the War of Resistance Against Japan”, Selected Works, Vol. IV, p. 16 (13 Aug 1945)

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