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The Prospects for Immigration Reform

TheProspectsForImmigrationReform   <– PDF version

The Congress of the United States is currently considering a bill to “reform” our immigration system.  The “reform” bill is based on a set of recommendations made by eight Senators (Democrats Bennet (CO), Durbin (IL), Menendez (FL), and Schumer (NY); Republicans Flake (AZ), Graham (SC), McCain (AZ), and Rubio (FL)).  These illustrious gentlemen have assured us many times that they desire only to fix our broken immigration system, provide legal standing to everyone, and enhance our future prosperity.  The core of the problem, which has existed since at least the Carter administration (1977 – 1981) and probably before that, is that a great many foreigners have either entered the U. S. in violation of the immigration laws, or have entered legally but remained in the U. S. after their visas have expired.  So the appropriate answer to this problem, as the honorable gentlemen propose, is to change the law to accommodate the lawbreakers; all 10, 20, 30, or 40 million of them, depending on whose number you believe.  (No one knows the real number except the ruling elite, and they aren’t saying.)

Let’s consider the provisions of the proposed legislation.  It sets up an administrative system which is tasked with implementing the following changes:

1.  Persons in the country illegally shall be required to:

a. Register their presence with the federal government;

b. undergo a background check; and

c. obtain a work permit.

When these are accomplished, they may remain in the U. S. and continue working and collecting social welfare benefits.

2.  After registration and obtaining the work permit, persons now here illegally shall:

a. Pay a fine;

b. be required to pay income taxes;

c. be required to learn English;

d. be required to wait ten years before applying for a green card (which would grant them permanent legal residence, in addition to the permanent legal residence conferred by the work permit).

3.  After “going to the back of the line” and waiting for everyone else that came to this country legally has been served, the persons now here illegally, having gone through the above process, shall be eligible to apply for citizenship.

4.  A nationwide e-verify employment system shall be implemented (such that only persons in the country legally can be employed).

5.  750 miles of fencing along the border shall be constructed;

6.  20,000 new Border Patrol agents are to be hired;

7.  Surveillance of the border with Mexico shall be increased.

8.  These reforms are to be fully funded, and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) shall not be able to change the provisions thereof.

We all know that the opinions of regular Americans do not matter.  Even casting aside what the American people want, there are two big problem areas with this legislation.  First, the vast majority of persons now here illegally probably will not sign up for it on the grounds that it would deprive them of advantages they already enjoy.  Secondly, our foremost Hispanic hate group, the National Council of Ku Klux La Raza “The Race” will do everything they can to prevent people from signing up for it on the grounds that it offers too little.

Let’s look at it from the standpoint of a typical person here illegally.  How many persons in this category are subjected to a background check?  None — they can live and work freely undetected and have been doing so for upwards of 25 years.  How many persons in this category are being audited by the IRS?  None — they do not pay income taxes nor do they file any forms.  How many persons in this category are standing in line at the Motor Vehicle Bureau?  None — they are not required to register their cars, nor get licenses, nor are they inconvenienced by the expense of obtaining car insurance.  How many in this category are deprived of health care?  None — they are not inconvenienced by the expense of health insurance, yet obtain free health care at every hospital.  How many persons in this category have to stand idly by while their children grow up deprived of an education?  None — all children are eligible for public education regardless of their legal status or that of their parents.  Why would a person in this category volunteer to learn English, which is to them a foreign language?  Why would they sign up to be investigated?  Why would they sign up to pay a fine they currently do not have to pay?  Why would they sign up to pay taxes from which they are currently exempt?  Why would they volunteer to stand in line at the Motor Vehicle Bureau?  Should this offer become law, I believe the vast majority of the people now here illegally will view it as nothing more than a series of unwarranted demands.  Our ruling elite seem to have forgotten that most of the people here illegally are proud of their heritage and are proud to be citizens of their native countries.  They may not be willing to trade that in for a promise of a future green card; they likely will become resentful about being pressured to Americanize.  They have demonstrated their preference by failing generally to assimilate into American society.

Let’s look at it from the standpoint of the National Council of Ku Klux la Raza “The Race” (working motto: “Por la Raza, todo.  Por los otros, nada”, which in translation means: “For us, everything.  For the lying cheating contemptible racist lowlife yankee gringos, nothing”).  While this proposed legislation caves in to a great many of the Council’s traditional demands, the Council probably has four main issues with it.  First, it does not grant automatic first-class citizenship status (with preferential voting and candidacy rights) to persons now here illegally.  Second, it does not require Americans to learn Spanish.  Third, it does not grant the Council any legal regulatory powers over American citizens.  Fourth, it does not directly cede any territory to Mexico.  The first and second will certainly come to pass in due time, but not fast enough for the Council.  The third will probably occur as part of the implementing regulations, but it is not guaranteed.  The fourth is unlikely to occur, since no federal government official wants to preside over a loss of territory, and thus a loss of power.  Bottom line, this proposal simply does not give the Council enough.

Why would our ruling elite put forth a proposal contrary to the wishes of most Americans in such a way that it is likely to be rejected even by the very people it is intended to benefit?  It turns out that the two factions of the ruling elite have different motives.  The Democratic faction has four objectives. First, it is desperate to obtain greater tax revenue.  Second, it wants a steady supply of uneducated people that can be cheaply employed as maids and servants in their mansions, as well as a healthy supply of cheap labor for their corporate friends.  Third, they expect to find a way to confer citizenship quickly, and expect that the new citizens will vote Democratic as have most new citizens of the past.  Fourth, they desire these new residents/citizens to apply for more social welfare benefits, thus transferring control of their lives to the government.  The Republican faction has more modest goals.  It too wants to expand the tax base.  It also wants cheap labor for its corporate cronies.  But it also hopes that the newly minted citizens, being largely of the Catholic faith, will side with them on the abortion debate.  It also expects (contrary to the Marxist view held by the Democrats) that the new residents will use their new-found property rights as Americans to establish independent small businesses and help the economy grow.

The important point for us Americans to remember is that we should not blame the people now here illegally as if this situation were entirely their fault.  We were born in America with all its benefits.  Most of the people now here illegally were born in countries that are pathologically corrupt wastelands; lorded over by a merciless armed Marxist plutocracy; the common person having no prospect of obtaining any type of civil or property rights.  Second, the traditional peasant farmer was once able to support his family with his relatively primitive agricultural methods.  But no matter how uneducated he may be, he is still smart enough (smarter than our ruling elite) to recognize that he cannot compete with American and Canadian mechanized agriculture; he was in essence forced off his land because the former customers for his small surplus can buy much cheaper now due to the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Illegal immigration increased dramatically after the passage of NAFTA.  This immigration-reform proposal is nothing more than a big-government/big-corporation band-aid that pretends to fix an immigration problem caused by NAFTA, another big-government/big-corporation idea.  So the ruling elite parties on.

There are other shortcomings in the bill as well, considered from the American viewpoint.  Most of the people now here illegally overstayed their visa, which the Border Patrol does not enforce.  There is no provision for expanding the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), which does have jurisdiction over visas.  The 750 miles of fence is but a small fraction of the border with Mexico, and there is no guarantee that even these 750 miles will be contiguous, or will be constructed in high-traffic crossing areas, or will be monitored.

The nationwide e-verify program is a nullity on its face.  It is already illegal to hire people who are not legal residents; they simply make day-to-day contracts for cash.  Nothing will change with a nationwide e-verify, except it will be an exceedingly useful tool for the IRS to use against American citizens.  Last but not least, Congress can restrict the legal discretion of DHS all they want, but DHS will ignore the law as they please — what will Congress do about it, de-fund DHS?

The proper legislative course of action is:

a. Repeal NAFTA

b. Grant permanent legal status to all persons now here illegally without prejudice (since they aren’t leaving anyway, regardless of the law)

c. Militarize the border with Mexico commensurate with border infractions

d. Fully fund ICE to enforce the visa laws

e. Prohibit permanently application for U. S. citizenship to all persons now here illegally

f. Reduce annual immigration quotas from all nations commensurate with the number of persons now here illegally holding citizenship of that respective nation; increase immigration quotas from nations whose citizens have thus far obeyed our immigration laws.  This policy shall continue for 100 years.

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