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Mohammed’s Maggots Strike Israel

I recounted in a previous essay the attacks by Mohammed’s Maggots on the people of France in Nov 2015 [1]:

“The operational wing of the underside of Islam conducted their well-advertised attack against the residents of Paris on 13 Nov 2015, focusing on the innocent and the unprepared.  This attack came only ten months after a similar one against the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo.  It proves that although the Hebdo attack led the French authorities to step up their preparedness against terrorism, something isn’t working since this one caught them off-guard again.  French President Francois Hollande promptly and accurately characterized it as “an act of war”, and promised that France would return the favor.  Meanwhile, U. S. President Barack “I lied, period” Obama took a break from a fund-raiser long enough to give the attacks two solid harrumphs at a news conference, issuing the standard drivel in his normal Commander Obvious way: “this was an attack on the civilized world”.  As usual, he declined to name the enemy.”

I concluded that essay with some bad news for France:

“France has two problems.  The obvious first one is with the Maggots; the second is with its limp-wristed allies.” 

The HAMAS branch of Mohammed’s Maggots managed to evade detection by Israeli intelligence, and conducted a very large scale attack against Israel 7 Oct 2023.  According to reliable sources, they inflicted about 1,400 casualties, many more injured, and about 240 or so hostages taken from Israel to Gaza, among which are about 15 or 20 Americans.  Among the casualties and hostages were infants and elderly ladies, some of whom survived the Nazi movement of the 1940’s.  Israel’s military (The Israeli Defense Force, IDF) has since begun operations in Gaza, with the stated goal of “eliminating HAMAS”.

As usual, Israel finds itself nearly alone in the world.  First, most of its so-called allies have remained silent except for the obligatory but meaningless “we regret the loss of life” and “we sympathize with the families of the victims”.  Secondly, the success of this attack (in which HAMAS discovered the use of air power) only served to encourage the latent world-wide anti-Semitism, especially in America’s mainstream news organizations.  Nearly all are sympathetic to the Palestinian return-the-land-and-eliminate-Israel movement or are openly supporting the Maggots themselves.  Anti-Semitism has gotten bad enough due to inculcation at U. S. colleges that students and professors are accusing Israel of war crimes simply for responding to an attack on its population.  No one would believe it if it weren’t on video.  Third, the U. S. has promised to aid Israel with military assistance and supplies, while at the same time giving millions for “humanitarian purposes” to the Palestinian in Gaza, which of course goes straight into HAMAS’ coffers.  That policy shows that the Biden administration is either: a) fundamentally hypocritical, naive, gullible, and incompetent; or b) siding the enemy of our ally, Israel.  President Joe “Wimpy” Biden himself has warned Israel to “obey the rules of warfare”.  From the Israeli standpoint, this overall policy position cannot be too reassuring that the U. S. will follow through on its promises. Fourth, the Jewish people have an internal problem: some Jews favor a “cease-fire” in order to avoid civilian casualties in Gaza; in fact they disrupted an official U. S. Congressional proceeding to make their point of view known (for which they were praised by the press). 

But there is another problem just as important as the first four; namely, the Israeli government has once again opened up the dusty old law books, and tried to obey the rules of the civilized Western world, justifying their actions in light of what public opinion regards as acceptable in this situation.  It is time for the Israeli government, and the Jewish people in general to accept the facts on the ground:

a. The only support Jewish people get are from nations who recognize that the promise of Genesis 12:3 is still in effect, whether a nation called Israel exists or not.  The number of nations fitting that description is small (the U. S., Great Britain, Australia, sometimes France, and sometimes a few others in Europe).  There is no near-term fix.

b. The people of Gaza do not all support HAMAS, but the fact is that majority of them voted to include HAMAS as part of their government in 2005.  HAMAS is an ideological Marxist outfit that claims to be the true interpreter of Islam; once they gained power, there were no more elections.  It doesn’t matter what fraction of the Gaza residents support HAMAS; they are stuck with them as a government.

c. Both sides have made impossible demands: Israel demands that HAMAS unconditionally surrender, hand over all the hostages and all their weapons.  That is never going to happen.  HAMAS has demanded that Israel case to exist and the Jews either evacuate the Middle East or be killed.  That is not going to happen either.  So, there is no basis for negotiating on either side; this conflict will be ended militarily, same as it started.  The best that Israel can hope for is to reduce the HAMAS Maggot organization/government to small size, but expect it to eventually rise again.

d. The hostages are valuable to HAMAS for four reasons.  The first is to drive a wedge between the U. S. and Israel centering on the debate as to how to get them back. Secondly, placing the hostages in near proximity to HAMAS outposts, headquarters, and the tunnel system will serve to restrain the Israelis from attacking them.  Third, if the American hostages can be transferred to Iran, they are worth about $1,000,000,000 each in ransom, as recent events have proven.  Fourth, killing them will be useful propaganda material for the Maggots, even if they lose the war.  It is highly likely that most of the hostages are going to end up dead, except in cases where releasing them gives HAMAS time to regroup or supplies them with a propaganda victory.

e. Israel as a nation has already lost the propaganda war.  The mainstream news organizations and academia worldwide are siding with the HAMAS Maggots as against Israel.  There is no practical counter to this problem, as it took thirty years of propaganda and inculcation to produce it.  The Jewish people generally have also lost the propaganda war because the news organizations and academia worldwide support the Palestinian people as against Jewish people.  There is no near-term solution for this problem either, for the same reason.  The United Nations is a joke; Israel is wasting its time even attending.  There is no point in arguing with an assembly of anti-Semitic kleptomaniac dictators and other babbling morons.  The application is that Israel as a nation will be accused of anything and everything by the mainstream media, social media, academia, and the United Nations, so long as it makes Israel look like the villain, and Judaism its motivating philosophy.  No false allegation will be too much for the mainstream media in the U. S. to foment and repeat.

f. The “civilized rules of warfare”, in which professional military fights professional military, is unique to the Western world (the nations of North and South America, Great Britain, Europe, Israel, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and a few others).  All the other nations fight the Oriental way: population against population.  That would include nearly all the Asian nations; and certainly includes Iran and the various Maggot organizations that it finances (Hezbollah and HAMAS).  Unfortunately for Israel, the Biden administration is pro-Iran, meaning it will look the other way as Iran continues to support the Maggots.  Here is the thing about the “civilized rules of war”: they apply only as long as both sides observe them.  When the Germans attacked French and English civilians in World War II, the rules came off: the Allies then could attack German civilians and the civilians of their allies, the Italians and Japanese.  The application here is: HAMAS is the official military institution of the Gaza strip; since it has attacked Israeli civilians, Israel should not have too much concern about Palestinian civilians.  If the Maggots choose to fight Oriental style, so be it.  The result will be a large number of casualties among the Gaza residents, and of course, an infinite amount of whimpering about it.


1.  Edward D. Duvall, “Mohammed’s Maggots Attack Paris”, 15 Nov 2015

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Real World Graduation: Question 24

RealWorldGraduation_Question_24   <– PDF

Why do famous Islamic leaders such as Osama bin Laden and Yassir Arafat never volunteer to personally undertake suicide bomber missions?

a) They are well educated in the will of Allah, and therefore are more valuable to Allah directing the work of others.

b) They serve as an inspiration to all Moslems, and therefore it is important that they continue to sacrifice in this life for the spreading of Islam, rather than taking the easy way out by transferring immediately to paradise in a suicide bombing.

c) The leaders of Islam receive special revelation from Prophet Mohammed himself, and he told them that it is not their time yet.

d) They cannot remember which button to push.

e) The answer is some combination of a), b), and c).

(The answer is shown on p. 2 of the PDF.)

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Barack H. Obama’s Legacy, Part 10

ObamaLegacyPart10   <– PDF

Continuing an analysis of Mr. Obama’s Middle East policy, it is obvious that he, like his predecessor Mr. Bush, failed to understand the source of “Islamic terrorism”.  Actually, it is worse than that.  At least Mr. Bush was willing to call it what it was: a certain branch of Islam that adheres to the original definition of ‘jihad’ as handed down by the Prophet Mohammed and his immediate successors.  That is, anyone who is not a particular type of devout Moslem has to be killed in the service of Allah.  Mr. Obama, sympathetic to Islam, and also convinced that America is first and foremost an oppressor and exploiter nation, declined to admit that the problem was even related to the Islamic religion.  Instead, he and the members of his administration referred to the work of al Qaeda and ISIS using euphemisms such as ‘workplace violence’, ‘personal issues’, ‘hate crimes’, or whatever he could get the compliant media to repeat.  He went so far at one point to deny that ISIS (which established an Islamic Caliphate) was even Islamic.

The incorrect policy pursued by Mr. Obama, imitating somewhat the policy of Mr. Bush, was to enlist the Arab nations in a coalition against the terrorist group. As expected, none of them did much.  The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is not part of the solution to Islamic based terrorism. Saudi Arabia is the problem with Islamic terrorism.  The Saudi royal family maintains it power by allowing the Wahhabi sect of Sunni Islam to control the subjects by a religious secret police that also controls the legal system and the education system.  (The Wahhabi’s prefer to be called Salafi.) The Saudi royal family supports and defends the Wahhabi sect as the de facto national religion and in return the Wahhabi’s educate the subjects that they are obligated to support the House of Saud.

The Wahhabi sect is the one branch of Islamic “theology” that has revived the original definition of ‘jihad’ as a viable political and religious system, hence the cause by Al Qaeda, ISIS, and many other like groups to enforce their objectives: a) kill as many Jewish people as possible; b) force the U. S. and other Western nations out of Middle Eastern affairs; c) establish a Caliphate to emulate the grand position once held by the early successors of the Prophet Mohammed (they had conquered vast tracts of the Middle East, Northern Africa, and Spain); and d) use the power of the Caliphate to kill anyone who embraced any other system of faith, starting with Christians. To do that, it is necessary for them to gain control of the Middle East using the terror methods to intimidate the Arab dictatorships, whom they accuse of being too closely aligned with the evil West.  It is notable that they have never attempted any terrorist activity inside Saudi Arabia: it is too soon to attack their current protectors.  The Saudi royal family claimed to be opposed to ISIS, but they never put a division in the field or a squadron in the air against them.

Mr. Obama’s policy of tilting toward Iran as an American favorite was poorly received in Saudi Arabia, as Islamic Republic of Iran and Saudi Arabia regard each other as mortal enemies.  But the capitulation to Iran’s demands did not deter Mr. Obama from continuing to advocate for weapons sales to Saudi Arabia, as well as confirmations of security agreements made in the past.  Why did he do that?  Because ISIS had gotten stronger in late 2013 and early 2014, and started making noises that they might like to attack Saudi Arabia and remove the royal family.  The House of Saud realized there was no prospect of an alliance with ISIS so they turned to the U. S. for protection, and Mr. Obama came through.  He then began to attack ISIS positions and towns controlled by ISIS, and with it the inevitable collateral damage in the form of civilian casualties.  Those casualties only served ISIS’ propaganda methods, by which they induced more young impressionable idiots to join with them and fight against America, the great Christian evil.

In the end, Mr. Obama he affirmed that the Saudi policy of supporting Wahhabism has no opponents in his administration. On the other hand, his support for Iran and his reluctance to attack Syrian President Assad made the Saudi regime uneasy.  In other words, Mr. Obama acted against a traditional ally’s interests, while ingratiating himself with Iran, Saudi’s greatest enemy.  He dug himself deeper into the moral and political cesspool known as the Middle East, reducing the U. S. to a position of being hated as either an infidel or an unreliable enemy.  Meanwhile, Wahhabism continues to be endorsed by the Saudi regime.

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The Peace of Islam Visits the UK

PeaceOfIslamVisitsUK   <– PDF

Mohammed’s Maggots continue their actions in Great Britain to promote peace and understanding according to the Islamic tradition.  On 22 March 2017, five people were killed in Westminster by a member of the Smiling Jihad who ran people over with a vehicle and then stabbed several others, causing six fatalities and 40 injuries.  On 22 May 2017, another loving Moslem set off a bomb at a concert venue in Manchester, killing 22 and injuring 120 or so.  On 3 Jun 2017 it was three of Allah’s loyal servants running people over on London Bridge and then stabbing whoever they could.  There were seven fatalities and 48 injured.  In response to this last attack, British Prime Minister Theresa May issued a statement (1.5 official harrumphs – serious indeed):

“Since the emergence of the threat from Islamist-inspired terrorism our country has made significant progress in disrupting plots and protecting the public. But it is time to say enough is enough.  We cannot and must not pretend that things can continue as they are.”

I am not a subject of the Queen, so it is not my place to criticize the U.K.’s policies.  But I can put this into an American perspective.  We have a certain number of Mohammed’s Maggots in the U.S., just as in the U. K., allowed here because our bureaucrats and politicians, like in the U. K., believe that all cultures and all religions are equal.  They have failed to realize that Islam was founded as a political religion, designed by Mohammed to get the Arab tribes to cast off their petty gods and idols, and give allegiance to one big idol (Allah), thus uniting the squabbling Arab tribes into a potent military and political force.  In the first century of its existence, the Arab tribes under the spell of Islam successfully conquered the entire Middle East except Persia, all of northern Africa, and what is now Spain (it was then called the Kingdom of the Visigoths).  Because our politicians regard all cultures and religions as equal, they are not willing to recognize that Islam is at war with both Western culture and any religion that is not Islamic.

Now that a certain number of them are in the U. S., our ever-spineless government officials treat the Islamic threat as just another series of crimes.  They are afraid to offend the Moslems; instead attempt to rationalize their actions.  Our former federal administration would not even admit the existence of Islamic “peace” until a month before it left office.  It is a true lesson of history: if you treat acts of war like crimes, you will lose the war.  The people of the U. K. have been victimized many times in recent years, and it is likely that we in the U. S. will eventually experience the same thing, given the pansy-style approach adopted by our leaders.  Sooner or later we Americans will corral our politicians and bureaucrats and demand of them, “When are you clowns going to get off your fat lazy lard-asses, and do your damn job to get Mohammed’s Maggots out of our country?”

When that day comes, the political and bureaucratic wimpy-boys will laugh in our faces, and tell us: a) there’s nothing to worry about; b) it is only a minor crime wave; c) Islamophobia is not a viable policy, and d) we can’t kill our way out of this problem. Their rationale is obvious: none of the attacks by Mohammed’s Maggots affect them personally.  Neither Barack Obama, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Nancy Pelosi, Dianne Feinstein, Chuck Schumer, Mitch McConnell, John McCain, Paul Ryan or any of their family members will ever be affected by anything the enemy does, being protected at all times by a dozen guards with machine guns.  It is only the slime-slurping bottom-dwelling taxpayer lowlifes like us that get blown up, shot, stabbed, and run over by the true Islamic faithful.  Therefore, there is no cause for alarm.

I am pretty certain of how things will go up to that point. What happens when they laugh in our faces is too hard to predict.

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