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Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump have now both secured the nomination of their respective parties.  Meanwhile, Mr. Trump’s appeal of the $83,000,000 defamation judgment against him by a case brought by E. Jean Carroll has been denied.  Recall that E. Jean Carroll has claimed that Mr. Trump assaulted her in a dressing room in a New York department store, but does not remember if it happened in the 20th or 21st century.  Mr. Trump is also currently spending most of his time in a Manhattan courtroom fighting a case brought by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg involving business records from 8 years ago.  This involves one of Mr. Trump’s employees annotating legal expenses as “legal expenses”; the expenses in question are related to payments made to Stephanie Clifford for a non-disclosure agreement through Mr. Trump’s lawyer Mr. Cohen. 

This segment will address the strategy likely to be employed by the traditional media in the 2024 election cycle.  We all know the mainstream media is mostly a Democratic Party operation.  But it is important to remember that the Democratic Party regards the media merely as collection of mental midgets helpful to the cause of the socialist revolution.  The Democratic Party knows that the use of mental midgets only works if the midgets can repeat the propaganda with a clear conscience.  In other words, the members of the media must be confident that they are doing the right thing promoting the Democratic Party’s daily talking points.  It is necessary therefore to have a suitably trained media establishment.  They are in fact conditioned to be oidaphobic, from the Greek phobia (meaning fear), and oida (meaning knowledge or understanding). The media is afraid to know too much: if the mental midgets knew the facts, they could not in good conscience promote the socialist propaganda.  The specific tactics can be illustrated by three corny old jokes.  

First: what is the difference between a “doll” and an “action figure”?  The answer of course is that there is no difference; they are both dolls, but some are called action figures in order to induce boys to play with dolls.  So we have boys play with dolls instead of pursuing baseball, skateboards, and riding bikes.  The tactic: pretend that two identical things are actually different; “boys with dolls”.

Second: How many legs does a dog have if we agree to count the tail as a leg?  The answer of course is that dogs have four legs; calling the tail a leg does not make it so.  The tactic: pretend that two different things are actually identical; “fifth leg on a dog”.

Third: When does a Baptist fail to recognize another Baptist?  The answer is: when both are in the liquor store.  The same is true of Mormons and Moslems, not to mention Catholics at the abortion clinic.  The tactic: don’t see the obvious if it conflicts with the narrative; “Baptists in the liquor store”.

By using these three tactics carefully, the mainstream media can in good conscience perform on behalf of the Democratic Party.  The oidaphobic mental midgets do not want to know too much, and are knowingly unwilling to see the obvious. See how simple?  A few examples should suffice.

We saw during the Rodney King riots of 2020 that ANTIFA and BLM burned down buildings and shut down entire areas of large cities.  But the media referred to these as “mostly peaceful protests”.  We are now seeing large-scale anti-Israel protests where Jewish people are openly attacked on the Ivy League campuses similar to what happened on campuses in Germany in the 1930’s.  But the modern anti-Jewish activism is referred to as “peaceful protests”. Baptists in the liquor store.

The media continues to promote electric vehicles as a partial cure for “man-made climate change”.  But they have to re-charged, which requires electricity, which comes from central power plants (after line losses), which is generated there by burning oil, coal, and natural gas.  No local emissions at the car but more central emissions at the power plant.  Boys with dolls.

Speaking of climate change, the media is fond of telling us that “the science is settled”.  Anyone who claims science is settled knows nothing about science.  Henry Ford’s father told him that no machine would ever replace horses on the farm.  James Clerk Maxwell’s father told him that every conceivable invention had already been made.  There used to be a luminiferous aether until Michelson proved there wasn’t.  Light was once assumed continuous until Albert Einstein and Max Planck proved it was quantized.  You can be certain that the climate modelers of today do not have a complete model or even a complete theory. Even when they do formulate one, there will be a monumental task to obtain a sufficient amount of quality data necessary to input into the model. But the oidaphobic media doesn’t want to know too much.  Baptists in the liquor store.

Mr. Trump is going to be prosecuted for having classified documents at Mara Lago as an ex-President who previously had declassification authority.  Mr. Biden had caches of classified documents in several places, some dating from the 1970’s, for which he had no declassification authority.  But it’s not a problem for Mr. Biden according to the oidaphobic media.  Boys with dolls.

HAMAS, the official military organization of Gaza, attacked and killed 1400 people in Israel 7 Oct 2023, including rape and hostage-taking. Israel’s IDF has taken action to neutralize HAMAS, which has led to some civilian casualties (as in every war).  But our oidaphobic media asserts that when HAMAS kills civilians deliberately, it’s a legitimate tactic; when the IDF does it accidentally, it’s definitely terrorism (and genocide).  Fifth leg on a dog.

There was a time not too long ago when genital mutilation was (correctly) ridiculed as an evil practiced only by primitive bongo-bangers in some obscure craptopia somewhere.  But now we have puberty blockers and surgeries practiced on minors that amount to the same thing, except the oidaphobic media calls it “gender care”.  Boys with dolls.

President Ronald Reagan (who ended the Cold War without firing a shot) was falsely called an “amiable dunce”; President George H. W. Bush (Bush 41) (who was a World War II fighter pilot) was falsely called a “wimp”; and Vice President Dan Quayle was ridiculed for his occasional misstatements.  That is fair enough and expected of a liberal media.  But President Joe Biden is actually all of these rolled into one raised to the tenth power; yet not a word from the oidaphobic media who are not the least bit interested.  Baptists in the liquor store.

The mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and the social media empires will continuously change definitions of words, change contexts, and ignore the obvious.  The people will fail to perceive it and vote accordingly … unless the Republicans find a backbone and figure out how to counter these Marxist tactics.

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