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The Return of Hopey Changey, Part 3

This essay continues my analysis of the first Presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.  Explanatory clarifications are shown in square brackets.  My interpretation of Mr. Biden’s comments are shown indented.  I’ve corrected some of the grammar and deleted some interruptions on both sides.

 Example 9:

Mr. Wallace: Okay, you have repeatedly criticized the Vice President for not specifically calling out ANTIFA and other left-wing groups. But are you willing, tonight, to condemn white supremacists and militia groups? And to say that they need to stand down and not add to the violence in a number of these cities, as we saw in Kenosha, as we’ve seen in Portland? Are you prepared specifically to do that?

Mr. Trump: Sure, I’m prepared to do it. I would say – I would say, almost everything I see is from the left-wing, not from the right wing.

Mr. Wallace: So what do you, what do you say-

Mr. Trump: I’m willing to do anything I want to see peace.

Mr. Wallace: Then do it, sir.

Mr. Biden: Say it, do it, say it.

Mr. Trump: You want to call them — What do you want to call them? Give me a name, give me —

Mr. Wallace: White supremacists and, white supremacists and right-wing —

Mr. Biden: The Proud Boys.

Mr. Trump: Proud Boys, stand back and stand by. But I’ll tell you what, I’ll tell you what, somebody’s got to do something about ANTIFA and the left because this is not a right-wing problem. This is a left-wing problem.

Interpretation: This is a clear case of Mr. Wallace taking the side of Mr. Biden.  Notice he challenges Mr. Trump, demanding that he specifically denounce various white supremacist groups.  Never mind that Mr. Wallace asked this same exact question on 3 Mar 2016, and Mr. Trump did denounce the David Duke, the KKK, and other groups.  But Mr. Wallace inserts it here, knowing that if the public thinks it necessary to keep asking about Mr. Trump’s attitude about the KKK, he must be one of their sympathizers.  Note also, Mr. Wallace never once challenges Mr. Biden to denounce Black Lives Matter (BLM) or ANTIFA.  Also, Mr. Wallace never mentions Mr. Biden’s support for Senator Robert “KKK Grand Dragon” Byrd of West Virginia.  This is a typical tactic of the Marxist media.  As for Mr. Biden’s policy, it seems he is will demand that his political rivals prove they are not racists. Never mind that he cozies up to proven racists himself.

Example 10:

Mr. Wallace: Mr. President, I’m going to ask you a question. When the President runs for a second term, it’s generally a referendum on his record. But Vice President Biden, you’d like to quote your dad’s sayings which is ‘Don’t compare me to the almighty, compare me to the alternative’. And in this case, sir, you are the alternative. Looking at both of your records, I’m going to ask each of you why should voters should choose you over your opponent. In this segment, President Trump you’ll go first.

Mr. Trump: Because there has never been an administration or President who has done more than I’ve done in a period of three and a half years, and that’s despite the impeachment hoax. And you saw what happened today with Hillary Clinton’s whole big con job. But despite going through all these things, we’re at a fight on both flanks, behind me and above, there has never been an administration that’s done what I’ve done. The greatest, before COVID came in, the greatest economy in history: lowest unemployment numbers. Everything was good, everything was go — And by the way, there was unity. People were calling me. For the first time in years they were calling, and they were saying ‘it’s time maybe’. And then what happened? We got hit but now we’re building it back up again: a rebuilding of the military including space force and all of the other things; a fixing of the VA, which was a mess under him. 308,000 people died. They didn’t have proper health care. He was a mess. And we now got a 91% approval rating at the VA. Our vets, we take care of our vets. But we’ve rebuilt our military. The job that we’ve done – and I’ll tell you some people say is the most important, by the end of the first term, I’ll have approximately 300 federal judges, Court of Appeals judges. And hopefully, three great Supreme Court justices. That is a record, the likes of which very few people – and you know one of the reasons I have so many judges? Because President Obama and him left me 128 judges to fill. When you leave office, you don’t leave any judges. That’s like, you just don’t do that. They left 128 openings. And if I were a member of his party, because they have a little different philosophy, I’d say ‘if you left us 128 openings, you can’t be a good President. You can’t be a good Vice President’. But I want to thank you because it gives us almost, it’ll probably be above that by the end of this term, 300 judges. It’s a record.

Mr. Wallace: Looking at both your records, why should voters elect you President, as opposed to President Trump — You get two minutes uninterrupted.

Mr. Biden: Under this president we become weaker, sicker, poorer, more divided and more violent. When I was Vice President, we inherited a recession. I was asked to fix it, I did. We left a booming economy, and he caused the recession. With regard to be weaker, the fact is that I’ve gone head to head with Putin and made it clear to him we’re not going to take any of his stuff. He’s Putin’s puppy.  He still refuses to even say anything to Putin about the bounty on the heads of American soldiers.

Interpretation: So here we have Mr. Biden re-writing history: Obama had a great economy until Mr. Trump ruined it; precisely contrary to fact.  Mr. Biden claims that the US is now weaker and poorer than before, also contrary to fact.  But that is not all: Mr. Trump (claims Mr. Biden) is still controlled by Mr. Putin of Russia, even though Mr. Mueller and Mr. Weissmann spent two years looking for it and never found it. This shows that Mr. Biden’s policy is to claim that he is the great savior, and Mr. Trump is the devil, just because Mr. Biden says so.

 Example 11:

Mr. Wallace: The forest fires in the West are raging now. They have burned millions of acres. They have displaced hundreds of thousands of people. When state officials there blame the fires on climate change, Mr. President, you said, ‘I don’t think the science knows.’ Over your four years, you have pulled the U.S. out of the Paris Climate accord. You have rolled back a number of Obama environmental records. What do you believe about the science of climate change? And what will you do in the next four years to confront it?

Mr. Trump: I want crystal clean water and air. I want beautiful clean air. We have now the lowest carbon, if you look at our numbers right now, we are doing phenomenally. But I haven’t destroyed our businesses, our businesses are put out of commission. If you look at the Paris accord, it was a disaster from our standpoint. And people are actually very happy about what’s going on, because our businesses are doing well as far as the fires are concerned, you need forest management, in addition to everything else. The forest floors are loaded up with trees, dead trees, that a years old and they’re like Tinder, and leaves and everything else. You drop a cigarette and then the whole forest burns. You’ve got to have forest management-

Mr. Wallace: What do you, what do you believe about the science of climate change, sir?

Mr. Trump: I believe that we have to do everything we can to have immaculate air, immaculate water and do whatever else we can that’s good. You know we’re planting a billion trees, the billion tree project, and it’s very exciting.

Mr. Wallace: Do you believe that human pollution, gashouse, greenhouse gas emissions contributes to the global warming of this planet?

Mr. Trump: I think a lot of things do, but I think to an extent yes. I think, to an extent, yes. But I also think we have to do better management of our forests. Every year, I get the call. ‘California is burning California’s burning.’ If that was cleaned, if that were, if you had forest management, good forest management, you wouldn’t be getting those calls. You know in Europe they live that, forest cities, they call forest cities. They maintain their forests. They manage their forests. I was with the head of a major country. It’s a forest city. He said, ‘Sir, we have trees that are far more, they ignite much easier than California, there shouldn’t be that problem’. I spoke with the governor about it. I’m getting along very well with the governor, but he said you know at some point, he can’t every year have hundreds of thousands of acres of land just burned to the ground. That’s burning down because of a lack of management.

Mr. Wallace: But sir, if you believe in the science of climate change, why have you rolled back the Obama Clean Power Plan, which limited carbon emissions in power plants? Why have you relaxed —

Mr. Trump: Because it was driving energy prices through the sky —

Mr. Wallace: Why have you relaxed fuel economy standards that are going to create more pollution from cars?

Mr. Trump: Not really, because what’s happening is the car is much less expensive and it’s a much safer car. And you’re talking about a tiny difference. And then what would happen, because of the cost of the car, you would have at least double and triple the number of cars purchased. We have the old slugs out there that are 10-12 years old. If you did that the car would be safer, it would be much cheaper-

Mr. Wallace: In California, they simply ignored —

Mr. Trump: Take a lot of cars off the market because people would be able to afford a car. Now, so, and by the way we’re going to see how that turns out, but a lot of people agree with, many people. The car has gotten so expensive because they have computers all over the place for an extra little bit of gasoline. And I’m okay with electric cars too. I think I’m all for electric cars with big incentives or electric cars. But what they’ve done in California is just-

Mr. Wallace: Vice President Biden I’d like you to respond to the President’s climate change record, but I also want to ask you about a concern. You proposed $2 trillion in green jobs you talk about new limits, not abolishing, but new limits on fracking, ending the use of fossil fuels to generate electricity by 2035, and zero, net emission of greenhouse gases by 2050. The President says a lot of these things would tank the economy and cost millions of jobs.

Mr. Biden: He’s absolutely wrong, number one. Number two, if in fact, when — During our administration Recovery Act I was able to bring down the cost of renewable energy to cheaper than, or as cheap as coal, and gas, and oil. Nobody’s going to build another coal fire plant in America. No one’s going to build another oil fire in America. They’re going to move to renewable energy, number one. Number two, we’re going to make sure that we are able to take the federal fleet and turn it into a fleet that’s run on their electric vehicles. Making sure that they can do that we’re going to put 500,000 charging stations in all of the highways that we’re going to be building in the future. We’re going to build a economy, that in fact, is going to provide for the ability, us to take 4 million buildings and make sure that they in fact are weatherized. In a way that, in fact, they’ll, they’ll emit significantly less gas and oil because the heat will not be going out. There’s so many things we can do now to create thousands and thousands of jobs. We can get to net zero in terms of energy production by 2035. Not only not costing people jobs, creating jobs. Creating millions of jobs. Not 15 bucks an hour, but prevailing wage. By having a new infrastructure that in fact is green. And the first thing I will do, I will rejoin the Paris accord. I will join the Paris accord because with us out look what’s happening. It’s all falling apart. And talk about someone who has no relationship with foreign policy. Brazil, the rain forest to Brazil are being torn down, are being ripped down. More, more carbon is absorbed in that rain forest than every bit of carbon that’s admitted the United States. Instead of doing something about that, I would be gathering up and making sure we had the countries of the world coming up with 20 billion dollars. And say, ‘Here’s $20 billion. Stop, stop, tearing down the forest. And if you don’t, then you’re going to have significant economic consequences’.

Mr. Wallace: What about the argument that President Trump basically says that you have to balance environmental interests and economic interests? And he’s drawn a line

Mr. Biden: But if he hadn’t drawn a line. He still, for example, makes sure that we – He wants to make sure that methane is not a problem. We could, you could now emit more methane without it being a problem. Methane. This is a guy who says that we don’t have to have mileage standards for automobiles that exist now. He says that, the fact that it’s all true and here’s the deal —

Mr. Trump: He’s talking about the Green New Deal. And it’s not 2 billion or 20 billion as you said, it’s $100 trillion.

Mr. Biden: I’m talking about –

Mr. Trump: You want to rip down buildings and rebuild the buildings — where airplanes are out of business. Where there are two car systems or where they want to take out the cows.

Mr. Biden: That’s not true. Not true. Not true. Not true.

Mr. Trump: That’s not true either, right? Now, this is $100 [trillion]. That’s more money than our country could make in a hundred years.

Mr. Biden: That is simply not true.

Mr. Wallace: Wait a minute, sir. I actually have studied your plan, and it includes upgrading 4 million buildings, weatherizing 2 million homes over four years, building one and a half million energy efficient homes. So the question becomes, the President said, I think some people who support the President would say, ‘That sounds like it’s going to cost a lot of money and hurt the economy.’

Mr. Biden: What it’s going to to do, it’s going to create thousands and millions of jobs. Good-paying jobs-

Mr. Wallace: Let him finish, sir.

Mr. Biden: He doesn’t know how to do that. The fact it’s going to create millions of good paying jobs. And these tax incentives to people to weatherize, where he wants to get rid of, is going to make the economy much safer. Look how much we’re paying now to deal with the hurricanes, with a deal with – By the way he has an answer for hurricanes. He said, ‘Maybe we should drop a nuclear weapon on them, they may’.

Mr. Trump: I never said that; you made it up. You make up a lot.

Mr. Biden: And here’s the deal, we are going to be in a position where we can create hard good jobs by making sure the environment is clean, and we all are in better shape. We spend billions of dollars now, billions of dollars, on floods, hurricanes rising seas. We’re in real trouble. Look what’s happened just in the Midwest with these storms that came through and wiped out entire sections and counties in Iowa. They didn’t happen before. There because of global warming. We make up 15% of the world’s problem. We in fact- But the rest of the world we got to get them to come along. That’s why we have to get back into, back into the Paris accord.

Interpretation:  Here is an interesting case where Mr. Wallace decides to debate Mr. Trump on Mr. Biden’s behalf; demanding that Mr. Trump explain everything there is to know about climate science and embrace the “man-made global climate change” theory.  Mr. Wallace ignores Mr. Trump’s accurate claim that clearing out the underbrush would make a big difference in how forest fires propagate.  Mr. Biden then jumps in and claims that during the Obama administration, he (Mr. Biden) made solar and wind cheaper than gas and oil.  If that were true, why hasn’t America switched over?  Because it isn’t true, that’s why.  Mr. Biden then claims that he will magically create millions of new jobs (without saying what happens to the old ones), and never mentions what it will cost.  Mr. Biden than brags about how he will bribe and coerce other nations into doing what he dictates; it is not clear how that will work out.  Last, Mr. Biden blames hurricanes and floods on Mr. Trump, as if none of those ever occurred before.  Mr. Biden’s policy is clear here: embrace the latest scientific fad, whether proven or not, and remake the entire infrastructure, no matter what the economic or personal costs may be. 

Example 12:

Mr. Wallace: President Trump, you have been charging for months that mail-in balloting is going to be a disaster. You say it’s going to lead to fraud. But in 2018, the last midterm election, 3 million people voted mail-in voting. That was a quarter, more than a quarter, of all the voters that year cast their ballots by mail. Now that millions of mail-in ballots have gone out, what are you going to do about it? And are you counting on the Supreme Court, including a justice Barrett, to settle on a disputes?

Mr. Trump: Yeah, I think we’re getting them to look at the ballots, differently. I don’t think I want them in terms of the election itself, but for the ballots I’d say. Because what’s happening is incredible. I just heard, I read today where 1% of the ballots for 2016 were invalidated. They, they take them ‘we don’t like them, we don’t like them’.

Mr. Wallace: There are millions of ballots going out right now.

Mr. Trump: You do a solicited ballot.

Mr. Wallace: No, no, I’m asking you about the fact that millions of people —

Mr. Trump: You go and vote. You go and vote, like they used to do. You either do a solicited ballot, where you’re sending it in and sending it back in and your sending. We have mailmen with lots of a- Did you see what’s going on, take a look at West Virginia, mail-in ballots. They’re being sold. They’re being dumped in rivers. This is a horrible thing for our country. This is no — This is not going to end well.

Mr. Biden: There is no evidence of that. Five states have had mail-in ballots in the last decade or so, including two republican states. And you don’t have to solicit the ballot. It’s sent to you, and sent to your home. All we’re saying is, they’re saying is, that there has to be a postmark by Election Day. If it just doesn’t get in until the seventh, eighth, ninth, it still should be counted. He’s just afraid of counting the votes because-

Mr. Trump: You’re wrong. You’re wrong

Mr. Wallace: And I want to continue with you on this — Vice President Biden —

Mr. Trump: Chris, he’s so wrong when he makes a statement like that.

Mr. Wallace: Excuse me. Vice President Biden, the biggest problem, in fact, over the years, with mail-in voting has not been fraud, historically. It has been that sizable number, sometimes hundreds of thousands of ballots, are thrown out because they have not been properly filled out or there is some other irregularity they just see through that deadline. So the question I have is, are you concerned that the Supreme Court with a justice Barrett will settle any disputes?

Mr. Biden: I’m concerned that any court would settle this. Because here’s the deal, when you, when you get a ballot and you fill it out, you’re supposed to have an affidavit. If you didn’t know, you have someone say that this is me. You should be able to, if in fact you can verify that’s you when the, before the ballot is thrown out, that’s sufficient to be able to count the ballot, because someone made a mistake in not dotting the correct i. Who they voted for, testify, say who they voted for, say to you ‘that is totally legitimate’.

Mr. Trump: When you have 80 million ballots sent in and swamping the system — You know it can’t be done, you know it can’t.  And already there have been —

Mr. Wallace: Alright, so wait a minute. Final question is, in eight states, election workers are prohibited, currently by law in eight states, from even beginning to process ballots, even take them out of the envelopes and flatten them, until Election Day. That means that it’s likely, because there’s going to be a huge increase in mail-in balloting, that we are not going to know on election night who the winner is. And it could be days, it could be weeks.

Mr. Trump: Could be months.

Mr. Wallace: Finally, for the, for the vice president. I hope neither of you will interrupt the other. Will you urge our supporters to stay calm during this extended period, not to engage in any civil unrest? Will you pledge tonight that you will not declare victory until the election has been independently certified? President Trump will go first.

Mr. Trump: I’m urging my supporters to go into the polls and watch very carefully because that’s what has to happen. I am urging them to do it. As you know, today there was a big problem. In Philadelphia, they went into watch, they were called poll watchers, a very safe very nice thing. They were thrown out. They weren’t allowed to watch. You know why? Because bad things happen in Philadelphia. Bad things. And I am urging, I am urging my people- I hope it’s going be a fair election. If it’s a fair election, I am 100% on board. But if I see tens of thousands of ballots being manipulated, I can’t go along with that.

Mr. Wallace: Does that mean you are going to tell your people to take to the streets?

Mr. Trump: I’ll tell you what it means. It means you have a fraudulent election. You’re not equipped to, these people aren’t equipped to handle it, number one. Number two, they cheat. They cheat. Hey, they found ballots in a wastepaper basket days ago and they all had the name, military fellas. They were military, they all had the name Trump on them. You think that’s good?

Mr. Wallace: Vice President Biden, final question for you. Will you urge your supporters to stay calm while the vote is counted? And will you pledge not to declare victory until the election is independently certified?

Mr. Biden: Yes. Here’s the deal, they count the ballots, as you pointed out some of these ballots in some states can’t even be open until Election Day. And if there’s thousands of ballots, it’s going to take time to do it. And by the way, our military. They’ve been voting by ballots since the end of the Civil War in effect. And that’s what’s going to happen. Why was it not, why is it for them to somehow not fraudulent? It’s the same process. It’s honest. No one has established at all, that there is fraud related to mail-in ballots. That somehow it’s a fraudulent —

Mr. Trump: It’s already been established. Look at —

Mr. Wallace: You had an opportunity to respond. Go ahead.

Mr. Biden: He has no idea what he’s talking about. Here’s the deal, the fact is I will accept it and he will too. Because you know why? Because once the winner is declared all the ballots are counted, all the votes are counted, that’ll be the end of it. That’ll be the end of it. And if it’s me, in fact, fine. And if it’s not me, I’ll support the outcome. And I’ll be a President, not just for the Democrats. I’ll be president for Democrats and Republicans.

Interpretation: Mr. Wallace’s initial question to Mr. Trump was confusing.  He states that in 2018 one-fourth of all mail-in ballots were cast by mail.  No kidding, Chris, how else would a mail-on vote be cast?  But his point (if I may infer), is Mr. Trump’s criticism of the new approach being taken in several states, that is, flooding the mail with ballots per the current voter rolls, even those rolls are known to contain many errors (people have moved or are now deceased).  Mr. Trump’s method secure mail-in votes prevails in Arizona, where a registered voter has to request to be place on the mail-in list, and their eligibility is verified beforehand.  The same is true of the military ballots.  But Mr. Wallace and Mr. Biden will have none of that: the goal is to maximize chaos.  Mr. Biden then went off on some side issue about affidavits and ballots. Mr. Biden’s policy is to cast aside election integrity so long as he gets elected.

Summary of Part 3:

  1. Mr. Biden claims that Mr. Trump is a racist even though Mr. Trump has denounced the KKK. But Mr. Biden refuses to denounce ANTIFA or BLM. It is reasonable to assume that Mr. Biden is a Marxist.
  2. Mr. Biden continues to claim that Mr. Trump works for Mr. Putin; never mind that Mr. Biden’s family has benefited directly from payments made by Russian oligarchs. Mr. Biden’s policy is to accuse others of doing what he have been doing.
  3. Any radical policy that can be justified on the basis of ‘climate change’ is acceptable; there is no reason to take into account how it will affect the working people.
  4. Election fraud is OK so long as Mr. Biden and Democrats win.
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The Return of Hopey Changey, Part 2

This essay continues my analysis of the first Presidential debate between President Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.  Explanatory clarifications are shown in square brackets.  My interpretation of Mr. Biden’s comments are shown indented and in italics.  Note: I’ve corrected some of the grammar, and also deleted some of the Mickey-Mouse banter between the two candidates, as indicated.

Biden Policy Example 5:

Mr. Wallace: Gentlemen, can we move on to the economy? The economy is, I think it’s fair to say, recovering faster than expected from the shutdown in the second quarter. The unemployment rate fell to 8.4% last month. The Federal Reserve says the hit to growth which is going to be there is not going to be nearly as big as they had expected. President Trump, you say we are in a V shaped recovery. Vice President Biden you say it’s more of a K shape. What difference does that mean to the American people in terms of the economy? President Trump, in this segment, you go first.

Mr. Trump: So we built the greatest economy in history. We closed it down because of the China plague, which was very hard, psychologically to do. He didn’t think we should close it down, and he was wrong, again. To me it — people would be dead now, instead of still 204,000 people is too much, one person is too much, should have never happened from China. But what happened is we’ve closed it down and now we’re reopening, and we’re doing record business. We had 10.4 million people in a four month period that we’ve put back into the workforce. That’s a record the likes of which nobody’s ever seen before, and he wants to close down the — he will shut it down again. He will destroy this country, you know, a lot of people, between drugs and alcohol and depression, when you start shutting it down and you take a look at what’s happening in some of your Democrat run states where they have these tough shutdowns, and I’m telling you it’s because they don’t want to open it. One of them came out last week, you saw that, said they’ll open up November 9. Why November 9 — because it’s after the election. They think they’re hurting us by keeping them closed. They’re hurting people. People know what to do. They can social distance, they can wash their hands, they can wear masks — they can do whatever they want, but they can open these states up. When you look at North Carolina, when you look at — these governors are under siege in Michigan and a couple of others. You got to open the states up. It’s not fair. You’re talking about almost like being in prison. And you look at what’s going on with divorce, look at what’s going on with alcoholism and drugs. It’s a very, very sad thing. And he’ll close down the whole country, this guy will close down the whole country and destroy our country. Our country is coming back incredibly well, setting records as it does it. We don’t need somebody to come in and say let’s shut it down.

Mr. Wallace: Alright, your two minutes sir, we’re now moved to you. As I said posing the question, the President says it’s a V shape recovery, you say it’s a K shape recovery. What’s the difference?

Mr. Biden: The difference is millionaires and billionaires like him, in the middle of COVID crisis, have done very well. The billionaires have made another $300 billion. Because of his profligate tax proposal and you only focus on the market. But you folks at home, you folks living in Scranton and Claymont — all the small towns and working class towns in America. How well are you doing? This guy paid a total of $750 in taxes. … The fact is that worked on this in a way that he’s going to be the first President in the United States to leave office, I mean fewer jobs in his administration than when he became President. Fewer jobs than when he became President. The first one in American history. Secondly, the people who have lost their jobs are those people who have been on the front lines, those people who have been saving our lives, those people who have went out there dying, people who have been putting themselves in the way to make sure that we could all try to make it. The idea that he is consistent, that we go forward and open when you have almost half the states in America with a significant increase in COVID desks and COVID cases in the United States of America, and he wants to open it up more. Why does he want to open it up? Why doesn’t he take care of the American — you can’t fix the economy until you fix the COVID crisis, and he has no intention of doing anything about making it better for you all at home, in terms of your health and your safety. Schools — why aren’t schools open? Because it costs a lot of money to open them safely. You know, his administration was going to give the teachers and school students masks. Then they decided, no, couldn’t do that, because it’s not a national emergency, not a national emergency. They’ve done nothing to help small businesses, nothing. They’re closing. One is six is now gone. He ought to get on the job, and take care of the needs of the American people, so we can open safely.

Interpretation: Here Mr. Trump made a tactical error.  He knows, correctly, a President has no authority to shut anything down.  The “lockdowns” and shuttering of businesses were done entirely by the respective Governors of the states.  The re-opening of businesses is likewise due to the actions of those Governors.  But Mr. Biden believes, or wants you to believe, that all the job losses and business closings were because Mr. Trump ordered it, which is patently false.  Mr. Biden’s policy is that the President should have the authority to close down the economy at his sole discretion.  The schools aren’t open because the local school boards and the states have decided not to open them; it has nothing to do with any Federal policy.  But again, Mr. Biden’s policy is that the Federal government should dictate when and how schools open across the country.

Biden Policy Example 6:

Mr. Wallace: [To Mr. Trump]: Will you tell us how much you paid in federal income taxes in 2016 and 2017?

Mr. Trump: Millions of dollars.

Mr. Wallace: You paid millions of dollars?

Mr. Trump: Millions of dollars, and you’ll get to see it.

Mr. Biden: When?

Mr. Trump: But let me tell you, Chris. Let me just say something. It was the tax laws — I don’t want to pay tax. Before I came here, I was a private developer. I was a private business person. Like every other private person, unless they’re stupid, they go through the laws and that’s what it is. He passed a tax bill that gave us all these privileges for depreciation, and for tax credits. We built a building and we get tax credits, like the hotel on Pennsylvania Avenue. You get an asset, which by the way, was given to me by the Obama administration, if you can believe that. Now the man got fired up right after that happened but–

Mr. Wallace: Vice President Biden, do you want to respond?

Mr. Biden: I do want to respond. Look, the tax code that made him, put him in a position that he pays less tax than a school teacher. It’s because he says he’s smart because he can take advantage of the tax code. And he does take advantage of the tax code, but that’s why I’m going to eliminate the Trump tax cuts. And we’re going to eliminate those tax cuts and make sure that we invest in the people who, in fact, need the help. People out there need help–

Mr. Trump: But why did you not do it over the last 25 years?

Mr. Biden: Because you were President and destroyed things.

Interpretation: Here is where Mr. Trump made a tactical error.  He has previously said he wasn’t going to release his taxes, but now implies that he will.  This will be a never-ending story for the Marxist mainstream media.  Regardless of what he paid, Mr. Trump is correct: he took advantage of the tax code written over the years by Congress, which would include Mr. Biden’s time in both the House and Senate.  But Mr. Biden claims that all those advantages were given by the 2017 tax cut bill, signed by Mr. Trump, which is patently false.  Mr. Biden is convinced, or wants you to be convinced, that all the inequities and special tax exemptions in the tax code are Mr. Trump’s fault.  Mr. Biden’s policy is to revise the tax code, but he refuses to tell us what changes will be made.

Biden Policy Example 7:

Mr. Wallace: President Trump, I’d like to continue with this. I promise we’re going to get to the issue of law and order in a moment. Your administration directed federal agencies to end racial sensitivity training that addresses white privilege or critical race theory. Why did you decide to do that, end with sensitivity training? And do you believe that there is systemic racism in this country, sir?

Mr. Trump: I ended it because it’s racist. I ended it because a lot of people were complaining that they were asked to do things that were absolutely insane. That it was a radical revolution that was taking place in our military, in our schools, all over the place. And you know it and so does everybody else. And he would know it.

Mr. Wallace: What is radical — What is radical about racial sensitivity training?

Mr. Trump: If you were a certain person, you had no status in life, it’s sort of a reversal. And if you look at the people, we would pay people hundreds of thousands of dollars to teach very bad ideas and frankly very sick ideas. And really, they were teaching people to hate our country. And I’m not going to do that. I’m not going to allow that to happen. We have to go back to the core values of this country. They were teaching people that our country is a horrible place, it’s a racist place, and they were teaching people to hate our country. And I’m not going to allow that to happen.

Mr. Wallace: Vice President Biden?

Mr. Biden: Nobody’s doing that. He’s just, he’s racist. Here’s the deal, I know a lot more —

Mr. Wallace: Let him finish.

Mr. Biden: The fact is that there is racial insensitivity. People have to be made aware of what other people feel like, what insults them, what is demeaning to them. It’s important that people know they don’t want to, many people don’t want to hurt other people’s feelings. But it makes a big difference. It makes a gigantic difference in the way a child is able to grow up and have a sense of a sense of self esteem. It’s a little bit like how this guy and his friends looked down on so many people. They look down their nose on people like Irish Catholics like me who grew up in Scranton. They look down on people who don’t have money. They look down on people who are of a different faith. They look down on people who are a different color. In fact, we’re all Americans. The only way we’re going to bring this country together is bring everybody. There’s nothing we cannot do, if we do it together. We can take this on and we can defeat racism.

Interpretation: Mr. Biden seems to believe that America is hopelessly divided on either race, religion, income, and ethnicity.  Therefore, his solution is to balkanize the people, separating them by those features so that we will all be “sensitive” and make sure no one has their self-esteem injured.  That is not a suitable plan for the real world.  This is how the privileged elite plan to convince otherwise normal people that America is evil and should be destroyed, to be replaced by some utopian vision planned by the elites. Mr. Biden wants you to believe that once we have achieved universal personal harmony, we will have paradise on earth.  It did not work for Robespierre, or for Lenin, or Castro, or Mao, or Chavez; and it won’t work in America.  Is there some racism in America?  Of course, and don’t forget to count Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton in that group.  The way to defeat the existing racism is to encourage equality of opportunity, not to emphasize the immaterial differences between people.

Biden Policy Example 8:

Mr. Wallace: Gentleman, I’m going to take back control. And I want to get to another subject, which is the issue of protests in many cities that have turned violent. In Portland, Oregon, especially, we had more than 100 straight days of protests, which I think you would agree about peaceful protests. Many of those turned into riots. Mr. Vice President, you say that people who commit crimes should be held accountable. The question I have though is as the Democratic nominee, and earlier tonight you said that you are the Democratic Party right now. Have you ever called the Democratic mayor of Portland the Democratic governor of Oregon and said ‘Hey, you got to stop this. Bring in the National Guard. Do whatever it takes, that you’d stop the days and months of violence in Portland?

Mr. Biden: I don’t hold public office now. I am a former Vice President.  I’ve made it clear, I’ve made it clear in my public statements that the violence should be prosecuted. Anyone who committed it —

Mr. Wallace: But you’ve never called for the people – excuse me, sir. You’ve never called for the leaders in Portland, and in Oregon, to call in the national office and knock off 100 days of riots.

Mr. Biden: They can, in fact, take care of it if he’d just stay out of the way. Look-

Interpretation: So now Mr. Biden’s policy is to blame anyone who is not a Democrat for all the riots in the cities run by Democrats.  It’s all Trump’s fault that the Governors of Oregon and Washington have not called out the resources needed to stop the riots. Mr. Biden falsely claims that somehow Mr. Trump is preventing the National Guard from intervening.   From a policy perspective it is evident that if Mr. Biden gets elected, everything will be Mr. Trump’s fault (just as President Obama blamed his fiascos on former President George W. Bush).

Summary of Part 2:

Mr. Biden’s policies as derived from these four examples are:

  1. The President has absolute authority to regulate both the economy and the schools.
  2. The current tax code is full of benefits for the wealthy, and he will encourage Congress to pass some revisions. But exactly what those changes are is a secret (probably because they benefit Wall Street and Hollywood, the current financiers of the Democrat party).
  3. America is evil and not worth preserving.
  4. Everything that goes wrong in a Biden administration will be Mr. Trump’s fault.
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The Return of Hopey Changey, Part 1

1 Oct 2020

Miracle of miracles: former Vice President Joe Biden actually showed up for the first “debate” (if you could call it that), stayed awake the whole time, and actually did a decent job of explaining his policies should he be elected President.  The “debate” was marred by both men interrupting each other, which was started by Mr. Biden, but carried to greater lengths by President Donald Trump.  As expected, the questions were tainted in favor of Mr. Biden, but that is no surprise.

As I said, we learned a fair amount about Mr. Biden’s plans if he were to be elected President.  Herewith are four extracts (first in a series) from the “debate” (moderated by Mr. Chris Wallace) and interpretations of Mr. Biden’s responses.  Explanatory clarifications are shown in square brackets.  My interpretation of Mr. Biden’s comments are shown indented.

Biden Policy Example 1:

Mr. Wallace:  President Trump, you nominated Amy Coney Barrett over the weekend to succeed the late Ruth Bader Ginsburg on the [Supreme] Court.  You say the Constitution is clear about your obligation and the Senate’s to consider a nominee the court, Vice President Biden, you say that this is an effort by the President and Republicans to jam through and an appointment and what you call an ‘abuse of power.’ My first question to both of you tonight: Why are you right in the argument you make, and your opponent wrong and where do you think a Justice Barrett would take the court?

Mr. Biden: The American people have a right to have a say to who the Supreme Court nominee is, and that say occurs when they vote for United States senators and when they vote for the President of the United States. They’re not going to get that chance now because we’re in the middle of an election already — the election has already started.

Interpretation: Mr. Biden’s response infers that the previous election, which installed the current Senate and President are not relevant.  Therefore, in his view, the entire Constitutional system of nominating and confirming justices is invalid.  The truth is — the previous election determines who fills vacancies during those terms, not the people elected in the future.  It may be objected that the Senate refused to confirm Judge Merrick in President Obama’s last term.  That is true; however, it is customary (as Mr. Biden knows full well as a former member of the Senate) that the confirmation process goes forward only when the President and Senate majority are of the same party, as is the case here.  Mr. Biden is actually rejecting the results of the 2016 election.  Very well: but if he wins in November, shall we reject his election?

Biden Policy Example 2:

The “debate” then degenerated into a discussion about health care because Mr. Biden claimed that Barrett, if confirmed would abolish the Affordable Care Act.  Part of the discussion went like this:

Mr. Biden: There are 100 million people who have pre-existing conditions, and they’ll be taken away as well. Those pre-existing conditions, insurance companies are going to love this. And so it’s just not appropriate to do this before this election.

Mr. Trump: There aren’t 100 million people with pre-existing conditions.  …  The hundred million people is totally wrong. I don’t know where you got that number. The bigger problem that you have is that you’re going to extinguish 180 million people with their private health care.

Mr. Biden:  That’s simply not true.

Mr Wallace: Gentleman, we’re now into open discussion, open discussion. Yes, I agree.

Mr. Biden: Number one. He knows that — what I proposed. What I proposed is that we expand Obamacare, and we increase it, we do not wipe any — and one of the big debates we had with 23 of my colleagues trying to win the nomination that I won, were saying that Biden wanted to allow people have private insurance still, they can they do, they will under my proposal.

Mr. Trump: Not what you said. That is not what you said. Your party wants to go Socialist. I am going to dominate you, Joe, you know that.

Mr. Biden: I am the Democratic Party right now. The platform of the Democratic Party is what, I, in fact, approved of. What I approved of. Now here’s the deal. The deal is that this is going to wipe out pre-existing condition — by the way, the 20, the 200 million, the 200,000 people that have died on his watch. How many of those have survived? Over 7 million people have contracted COVID. What does it mean for them going forward if you strike down the Affordable Care Act?

Interpretation: This is a curious situation.  First of all, it seems that Mr. Wallace is agreeing with Mr. Biden, but it is not clear in particular what he agrees with.  But if the debate is between Mr. Biden and Mr. Trump, why is Mr. Wallace agreeing with anything?  That is not his job (except as a Democratic Party operative).  Mr. Biden gives three values for the number of casualties inflicted by the Wuhan virus — he calls out 20,000,000, 200,000,000, and 200,000.  It is not clear which one Mr. Biden actually believes.  Note also, the Mr. Biden disputes Mr. Trump’s claims about a government takeover of health care.  He then states, ‘I am the Democratic Party right now.’  No, he’s not.  Speaker Pelosi is the highest-ranking Democrat in office right now; Mr. Biden is simply a candidate.  Mr. Biden seems to believe he already holds an office.  This assertion comes back to bite him later, as shown below. But the most important thing here is that Mr. Biden calls out what his Democratic competitors accused him of in the Democratic primary, namely that they accused him of allowing private health insurance under his (Mr. Biden’s) plan.  Pay attention to how Mr. Biden responded: he never did come out and say directly that private insurance would be permitted under his plan.

Biden Policy Example 3:

Mr. Wallace: One final question for you, Mr. Vice President, if Senate Republicans — we were originally talking about the Supreme Court here — if Senate Republicans go ahead and confirm justice Barrett, there has been talk about ending the filibuster, or even packing the court, adding to the nine justices there. You call this a distraction by the president, but in fact it wasn’t brought up by the President, it was brought up by some of your Democratic colleagues in Congress. So my question to you as you have refused in the past to talk about it: are you willing to tell the American people tonight, whether or not you will support either ending the filibuster or packing the court?

Mr. Biden: Whatever position I take on that, that’ll become the issue — the issue is, the American people should speak. You should go out and vote. We’re in voting now, vote and let your senators know how strongly you feel. Vote now, in fact let people know it is your senators. I’m not going to answer the question.

Interpretation: So there you have it.  Mr. Biden says he is the Democratic Party, and yet refuses to answer a simple honest question by Mr. Wallace.  It is apparent that Mr. Biden, if elected, intends to use whatever influence he has as President to both pack the [Supreme] Court with Marxist judges, and to end the Senate filibuster.  If it were otherwise, surely he would have found the backbone to say so, since he ‘is the Democratic Party’.

Biden Policy Example 4:

Mr. Wallace:  The second subject is Covid-19, which is an awfully serious subject, so let’s try to be.  A million cases of Coronavirus in the United States and more than 200,000 people have died. Even after we produce a vaccine, experts say that it could be months or even years before we come back toward anything approaching normal. My question for both of you is based on what you have said and done so far and what you have said you would do starting in 2021, why should the American people trust you more than your opponent to deal with this public health crisis going forward. In this case, the question goes to you [Mr. Biden] first.

Mr. Biden:  Look, 200,000 dead. You said over 7 million infected in the United States. We in fact have 5% or 4% of the world’s population, 20% of the deaths. 40,000 people a day are contracting COVID. In addition to that, about between 750 and 1000 people, they’re dying. When he was presented with that number he said ‘it is what it is’ — what it is what it is — because you are who you are. That’s why it is. The president has no plan. He hasn’t laid out anything. He knew all the way back in February how serious this crisis was. He knew it was a deadly disease. What did he do? He’s on tape as acknowledging he knew. He said he didn’t tell us or give people a warning of it, because he didn’t want to panic the American people. You don’t panic, he panicked. In addition to that, what did he do? He went in and he, we were insisting that the Chinese, the people we had on the ground in China should be able to go to watch, and determine for themselves, how dangerous this was. He did not even ask Xi to do that. He told us what a great job Xi was doing. He said we owe him a debt of gratitude for being so transparent with us. What did he do then? He then he waited and waited and waited. He still doesn’t have a plan. I laid out or I could just watch, exactly what we should be doing. And I laid out again in July, what we should be doing. We should be providing all the protective gear plus, we should be providing the money the House has passed in order to be able to go out and get people to help they need to keep their businesses open, open schools, that costs a lot of money. You should get out of your bunker and get out of the sand trap, get people the help they need to keep their businesses open, and open schools that cost a lot of money.

Interpretation: Good news here: Mr. Biden got the number of Wuhan virus casualties correct.  He then goes on to quote accurate statistics.  But he forgot a basic principle of science: if you conduct more tests for the virus, the more you get positive results for the virus.  Why? Because viruses spread; that’s what they do.  Mr. Biden forgot another fact of science: a positive case does not equal a hospitalization or a death; testing positive for the virus does not lead to death in most cases.   Mr. Biden claims that Mr. Trump never asked the Chinese to permit Americans to go there and investigate the virus; a claim that is patently false.   Mr. Biden then describes what his plan involves: a) providing all the protective gear; b) provide money authorized by Congress to help people keep their businesses; and c) open schools.  Mr. Biden may be referring to the plan passed by the House that would bail out California and New York for their incompetence; once again, Mr. Biden does not want to explain how bailing out managerial incompetence helps against the virus.  Mr. Trump did the first two (the ones passed by both Houses of Congress as required); the third one is out of Mr. Trump’s control.  Mr. Biden is in effect saying that the federal Department of Education should be in control of all schools in the nation.

Summary So Far:

  1. Mr. Biden believes that elections only matter when Democrats obtain or hold majorities.
  2. Mr. Biden believes that private health insurance should be abolished.
  3. Mr. Biden desires to pack the Supreme Court and abolish the Senate filibuster and supports it to whatever extent his powers as President permit.
  4. Mr. Biden would do less than Mr. Trump did as far as counteracting the Wuhan virus.
  5. Mr. Biden believes all schools should be under federal control.
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