How the Democrats Win Big in 2024, Part 6: Chaos and Confusion Tactics

Four important events have occurred since the fifth installment (15 Feb 2024).  First, Governor Haley dropped out of the Republican primaries, and Mr. Trump has now secured the Republican nomination. Secondly, Mr. Biden has overcome the feeble opposition in the Democratic primaries, and is the presumptive Democratic nominee. Third, some of the charges against Mr. Trump in the Georgia RICO case have been dropped.  Fourth, Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis was forced to fire her longtime romantic interest (Mr. Nathan Wade) as special prosecutor in the Georgia RICO case against Mr. Trump, although she remains on the case. Judge Scott McAfee made it obvious to all that Fani Willis is untouchable as are all black females who get elected.

This segment will address how the traditional “chaos and confusion” tactic is likely to play out in the 2024 election cycle.  It is in fact one of the oldest political tricks: create a problem, blame someone else, and promise to fix it if re-elected.  Of course, it never gets fixed because the creation of the problem is a result of actual deliberate policy.  The Democratic Party has successfully used this tactic for decades against black people in the large urban areas.  Now it is time to expand it to everyone, using the combination of half-truths, outright lies, changes in the definition of words, and intensive propaganda.

6.1        Immigration

At least 10,000,000 illegal aliens have been released into the U. S. since Jan 2021, most of them on fraudulent asylum claims.  They have been “paroled”, implying that they have been subjected to some legal ruling.  But in fact no such thing has occurred; they have simply been given a date to appear sometime in the next 5 years.  These 10,000,000 have now become a financial burden on many major cities because the Democratic leaders of those cities regard homelessness and hunger a privilege reserved only for U. S. citizens (especially veterans).  So public expenses increase, paid for by the U. S. citizens who are not receiving free housing in 5-star hotels or room service therefrom.

The Democratic Party tactic here is simple.  First, claim that the border is more secure than ever after Mr. Trump’s disastrous policies, i.e., blame someone else. Second, claim that the illegal aliens are actually here legally because the rules and definitions used in the immigration laws have been re-interpreted. Therefore the illegal aliens are “undocumented future citizens”, and anyone who claims otherwise is a xenophobic racist.  See how simple it is to spread mass confusion?

6.2        Crime

It was the Democratic Party that led the charge to de-fund the police while ridiculing them for being overzealous and racist.  It was the Democratic Party that engineered the reduced limitations on robbery, partly eliminated bail requirements, and initiated new rules of engagement that reduce effective policing.  Surprise, surprise, surprise: the criminal element (correctly) recognized these as incentives to commit more crimes.  So crime has increased.  Meanwhile, some crime statistics are down because the public has become inured to it; why report crimes if the police cannot or will not do anything about it owing to the three circumstances above?  The crime situation has gotten bad enough that some places (New York City) are using the National Guard to monitor the subway system.

The Democratic Party tactic here is straightforward: portray the chaos as normal.  First, claim the crime is down because the statistics say so.  Second, claim that the crime that does exist is due to the dereliction of duty on the part of the police.  Therefore, the crime policies are working, but more needs to be done: a) further reduction in the police forces; and b) additional relaxation of bail rules. Anyone who says otherwise is advocating for a fascist police state.

6.3        The Economy

The policies of the Biden administration have affected the economy in several ways.  First, the increased money supply (through deficit spending and issue of U. S. debt) has led to an inflationary cycle.  Secondly, the energy policies have led to an increase in fuel prices, which flows down into all other prices.  The Federal Reserve has done what it can to reduce the rate of inflation by reducing the demand for money, which is accomplished with high interest rates.  Every economist knows the prices lead wages: prices increase faster than wages in an inflationary cycle.  The net result of these is that many people are using credit cards to fund their daily expenses, and are taking second and third jobs to keep pace with the rising cost of living. The increased costs to businesses have also suppressed the natural job growth in a healthy economy.  Meanwhile, the stock market generally has done well because stock prices tend to emulate inflation with a 12 to 18-month time lag. 

The Democratic Party will have no trouble maximizing confusion about the economy with a combination of half-truths and outright lies.  First, the number of new jobs has increased and the official unemployment rate is low, but the other half of the story is that people are taking second and third part-time jobs to maintain their standard of living.  In fact, the total jobs in the U. S. did not recover from pre-pandemic levels until Jul 2022.  Second, use the tactic of large per-month job gains, and admit the other half by quietly revising them downward months later.  The Democrats will then proceed to cast blame.  First, brag about the stock market gains while claiming that those rich investors should be paying more in taxes. Second, admit that rents and mortgage payments are higher, while carefully omitting the role of higher interest rates; then claim that those are both due to greedy landlord and predatory banking practices.  Close the deal by pointing to “new jobs”, statistically low unemployment rates, and the declining inflation rate as proof that the economy is the strongest in human history. Anyone who says otherwise is a greedy capitalist with no empathy for the poor.

6.4        Education

The public schools have been invaded by Marxist theologians that have perpetuated Critical Race Theory, the Transgender Movement, the “1619 Project” and “Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion”.   All of these are methods of indoctrination in the newest Marxist theories: a) all white people are racists; b) America is inherently flawed and deserving of destruction; c) physical biology is subject to opinion; and d) qualifications are based on race and sex alone  All of these serve to reduce actual education in the traditional subjects.  The teachers unions and many school boards have claimed that parents have no input as to what is being taught in the schools.  Parents have been investigated by federal agencies and accused of terrorism simply for objecting to these subjects in the public schools.  The problem is that many parents cannot afford to send their children to private schools, and are stuck with whatever the public schools offer.  The school boards are caught in the middle between voters (by whom they are elected), parents (for whom they attempt to serve), and the teachers unions (from whom they take orders).  The result is chaos in the public education system, which benefits the Democratic Party.

The Democrat Party’s approach to education is simple: portray the chaos as unwarranted opposition to settled debate and then promise to resolve it.  First, maintain the fiction that parents are the problem, while claiming to be the only advocates for the children.  Second, ridicule anyone who prefers a return to the traditional role of schools (teaching basic subjects without the diversions) as an out-of-touch Neanderthal.  The promise is that the Democratic Party will lead the way to a greater understanding of parents’ concerns, and do what is necessary to alleviate them.  The Democrats will say it; the mainstream media, academia, Hollywood, and the social media empires will continuously chant it, and the federal bureaucracy will confirm it.  The people will believe it and vote accordingly … unless the Republicans find a backbone and figure out how to counter this political propaganda.

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