Real World Graduation, Question 98: Johnson and Bush

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What are the main differences between Democratic President Lyndon B. Johnson (36) and Republican President George W. Bush (43)?

a) Bush got the nation involved in foreign war in Iraq which some claim was justified on false pretenses, whereas Johnson responded properly to the attacks made by the North Vietnamese in the Tonkin Gulf Incident.

b) Johnson helped poor and middle class people by encouraging Congress to pass Medicare, while Bush cut taxes for the rich.

c) Johnson became President by defeating Goldwater in a landslide in 1964; whereas Bush defeated Gore by a very narrow margin, which required an extensive recount in Florida and ultimately a decision by the Supreme Court.

d) Bush was born and raised in Texas; in fact he served as Governor of Texas before being elected President. But, Johnson spent nearly his entire life in Washington, DC, although he was born and raised in Texas.

e) All of the above.

(The answer is on p. 2 of the PDF.)

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